Cleanser and Toning Cream Combo

Cleanser and Toning Cream Combo

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Our Face Cleanser and Toning Cream are now offered in a combo deal !!

When you select the combo deal, you get both for about 15% off.


Purifying Detox Cleanser

Our amazing activated coconut charcoal (8oz) is definitely the star of this purifying cleanser.

Coconut charcoal is a step above regular activated charcoal and is considered to be more pure, effective and safe for the whole body. It pulls out toxins and impurities from the skin with ease and helps the skin to have a soft, clean and purified look and appearance.

We added in anti aging and skin soothing ingredients like organic aloe, lavender and reishi to complete your cleansing experience so you can walk away with clean, protected and smooth skin.

 What's In It? 

Organic Aloe- Treats dry skin and acne.

Coconut Charcoal- Pulls toxins and impurities from the skin. Cleans/purifies skin.

Propolis- Kills bacteria. 

Organic Astragalus- Anti-aging and anti-inflammatory.

Cucumber- Conditions. 

Organic Reishi- Provides the appearance of smooth skin, natural detoxifier.

Lavender- Reduces acne and wrinkles.


Toning Cream

Lolabelle's Toning Cream (2oz) is the upgraded solution to daily exfoliation. 

Our Enzyme face lotion features fermented pomegranate enzymes that do more than just eat away dead skin cells. Because of the fermentation process, all of the pomegranate's active compounds are available to your skin! It's a gentle exfoliant and anti-aging ingredient all in one.

Our proprietary blend of plant extracts provides additional antioxidants and botanical protection. Seaweed delivers much-needed minerals and polysaccharides. And cold-pressed plant oils moisturize and soothe.

The cream has a soft and bright citrus-flower scent from essential oils. A smooth, light texture. And a quick soak-in time.

What's In It?

Organic Aloe- Heals/treats dry skin, anti-inflammatory.

Rosa Canina Fruit Oil- Exfoliates, brightens, and protects.

Lime Hydrosol- removes unwanted oil.

Hazelnut- Increases hydration and improves skin elasticity.

Vitamin B5 & E- Smoothes, heals, and anti-aging.

Organic Jojoba-Hydrates.

Organic Reishi- Smoothes/detoxifies.

Kelp- Heals, firms, and exfoliates.

Nettle- Firms skin, and treats acne.