Thank You!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Friends!

You all are amazing at supporting and never hesitate to share your experiences with our product on the website! Over 95% 5-star rating is a big deal! We understand that there are tons of skincare products on the market and you can literally choose from anything, but you choose to give us a try and continue coming back! For that, we are beyond thankful!

To show our thanks, we are using this blog to share and publicly thank a few of our favorite reviews! We love y'all foreal!


Thank you, Gabbi! We love that you submitted a pic with your review! We love seeing that beautifully glowing skin alongside our cleanser! Woot woot! We are also excited that you love our cleanser so much that it made you get excited about your skincare routine. It shows us that we are creating products that make people want to start or begin new habits and that is really all we could ask for. Thank you for trusting us with your precious skin!


Yas to "second time purchasing"! That tells us we are doing something right. It's one thing to purchase one time, but to come back!!! Thank you so much, Marcia for not only trusting us with your skin for a second order, but also for leaving this review! We appreciate you!


Hi Lakisha! We appreciate you noticing that our product is not drying. The main reason for this is because our cleanser isn't water based, it's aloe based. Instead of using water to just take up space, we use ingredients like aloe to give you a smooth, clean finish without drying out your skin! Thank you for giving us a try!


Naitisha! One of the OG lolabelle supporters (peep the old jar in the pic)! You trusted us when we were brand spanking new and if we are not mistaken, have purchased from us a second time! Thank you for trusting us enough to come back! P.S. Your skin is definitely glowing !


Mariah, we definitely can understand being skeptical about a new skincare company! That's why we are so grateful for your purchase and review! Also, we are thankful to know the cleanser helped to clear your acne. We attribute it to the combination of aloe, reishi and astragalus. This combination of ingredients creates the perfect anti-inflammatory, anti-aging detoxifier that fights acne and treats dry skin. Thank you for trusting us with your skin!