How Your Diet Effects Acne

In our younger years, acne is often the result of a combination of factors. From hormones, to teen drama, to genetics or maybe even that gross hat you have to wear to work everyday, ugh!

However, as an adult our bodies aren’t going through the same changes as it does as a teen/early adult. This is good news. It means we have a bit more control over our skin and its appearance. Now, that’s not to say that there aren’t skin concerns and extreme acne that should be addressed by your dermatologist. This blog is not a substitute for that.

There are certain steps you can take in regards to your diet to help aid your skin in getting as clear as possible. According to a Harvard study, certain foods promote inflammation in our bodies which can trigger those dreaded acne outbreaks. Foods that cause inflammation are:

Red Meat
Refined Carbs
Fried Foods

Because these foods promote inflammation within the body, studies have shown that it is highly likely that they contribute to acne.

Also, hormones play a role in our acne breakouts and there may be foods affecting our hormones. Certain foods can trigger our bodies to raise insulin levels which can disrupt hormones that affect the skin. A few of these pesky foods are below.

Foods high in sugar
Whey Protein

These foods have the ability to disrupt our body’s insulin levels, which can make skin more prone to acne.

With these diet tips in mind, keep in mind that a good diet is not a substitute for a quality, gentle cleanser. The Purifying Detox Cleanser from lolabelle’s is a gentle and effective charcoal-based cleanser known for its ability to pull toxins from the skin. The presence of aloe makes this process gentle and keeps skin from drying out; while the presence of ingredients such as organic reishi and astragalus gives it anti-inflammatory effects in addition to its ability to naturally detoxify the skin.