How is Skincare Equal to Self-Care?

Skincare is definitely a form of selfcare! Regardless of where you are on your skincare journey and whether or not you are in love with the current state of your skin, you can still allow your skincare routine to be a form of self-love. Let’s dive a bit deeper with the top 3 pieces of evidence as to why skincare is equivalent to self-care/self-love.

1. Skincare improves confidence
Studies show that when we have healthy (not perfect) skin, we are more likely to feel confident. Confidence leads to better decision making, increases motivation and also tends to make us more resilient. It can start with the skin, but impacts so much more. There’s a study in the National Journal of Women’s Dermatology that uncovered 80% of participants with severe acne reported low self-esteem. Taking a moment twice a day to care for your skin with the right products and seeing a skincare professional that understands your skin type can make a world of difference in changing not only the health of your skin, but your overall well-being.

2. Having a routine we stick to makes us happier

Have you ever created a to-do list and got everything on the list accomplished? Remember how that felt!? The reason you felt good after accomplishing your to-do list is because the act of creating a plan and seeing it through causes our brains to release a dose of dopamine. This dopamine release is responsible for feelings of accomplishment, happiness and satisfaction. You get this dose no matter how big or small the task is! If it’s something you set out to accomplish and you do it, then dopamine shows up. Planning and sticking to a skincare routine allows you to start and end your day with a dose of dopamine, and that dose can carry you through the next portion of your day/night!

3. Our skincare routine give us the opportunity to be present
Our minds are working nonstop all day long and very seldom do we just pause and focus on the present. Focusing on the present is said to increase memory, reduce stress and increase overall emotional well-being. So, the next time you get ready to go through your skincare routine, enjoy each step. Feel your fingers against your skin, watch how the cleanser lathers and cleans, appreciate the glow and feel of your skin once it is clean. By taking these moments to really be present with ourselves, we do ourselves a great service!

So, friends remember these three things the next time you’re tempted to skip your routine. You deserve self-love and it can start with your skincare routine.