Double Cleansing

What is double cleansing?

Double cleansing originated in Japan and Korea. It’s a practice of doing exactly what’s in the name, cleansing twice. The key is in the type of cleansers that you choose to double cleanse with. Usually this cleansing is completed with 2 different types of cleanser, though some do opt to clean with the same cleanser back to back. It really depends on your skin and it’s needs. 

What cleanser should be used when double cleansing?

Usually double cleansing is practiced with an oil based cleanser first, followed by a water based cleanser. The oil based cleanser is meant to clean all of the surface dirt and any heavy makeup or product on the skin. Following the oil based cleanser with the water based one serves the purpose of allowing the water based cleanser to work effectively on the skin.

Many have proclaimed that this method of double cleansing has resulted in their skincare products working more effectively and their skin feeling more clean and less dull after a day full of makeup.

Is double cleansing a necessity?

Double cleansing isn’t for everyone. However, people with certain skin types (acne prone skin) or those who wear a lot of makeup daily can benefit from the technique.

For those with naturally oily skin, opting for a more gentle cleanser instead of an oil-based one may be the best bet. Many people with oily skin often feel their favorite cleanser isn’t as  effective as they would like for it to be at removing excess oil from skin, and stronger cleansers leave their skin feeling a bit too dry. As a result, experts suggest double cleansing with 2 gentle cleansers back-to-back.

Happy cleansing!