The Importance of Moisturizing (but not too much)

Our skin becomes dry when it is deficient of moisture. When our skin is dry, glands beneath the skin produce sebum to rectify the dryness. This causes excess sebum and dead skin to build up- which cause acne. 

Below you will find tips/products that can help with both conditions without irritating either:

  1. Acne
    1. Use non-harsh, and moisturizing cleansers that purify skin.
    2. Products containing benzoyl peroxide reduce skin bacteria and inflammation.
    3. Prescription meds including antibiotics, retinoid creams, or tablets (consult your dermatologist).
    4. Seeking products that contain moisturizing elements like aloe, or jojoba oil.

  2. Dry Skin
    1. Use masks/treatments/moisturizers that involve a natural moisturizer (like aloe, jojoba, and hazelnut). 
    2. Regularly moisturize your skin after washing.

Remember to avoid washing your face with harsh products to reduce irritation. Opt for products that are gentle on the skin, such as our very own Toning Cream, which is a gentle exfoliant and anti-aging ingredient all in one!

Lola Gem:

The American Academy of Dermatology recommend washing at least twice a day.