Quick Acne Resource!


All skincare issues, including acne are personal and every situation is different. This blog is not medical advice, and should not serve as a substitution for seeing your dermatologist. :)

Now, let's go!

Here are just a few things that may be affecting the health of your skin:

1. Food.
2. Not using the right products.
3. Not-moisturizing or over-moisturizing.
4. Not cleaning your face properly.
5. Stress.

Regardless of our attempts to forever get rid of new acne spots on our skin, the reality is that the causes of acne can be much more complex. There’s really only four main acne factors:

1. Bacteria.
2. Excess oil production.
3. Clogged hair follicles.
4. Over-activity of the hormone
androgen, which causes the sebaceous glands to enlarge and make more sebum and worsen acne if low amounts are present.

Here are a few facts of underlying results from the 4 factors listed above: 

  • Acne Triggers
    1. Stress: NOT a cause, but can irritate already apparent acne
    2. Medications, especially ones that contain corticosteroids, testosterone or lithium.
    3. Hormones like androgens increase during puberty, pregnancy, & when using oral contraceptives. This can cause and irritate already present acne.
    4. Diet! Milk, carbohydrate-rich foods (bread, bagels and chips), and unfortunately chocolate can cause acne. Check out our blog on food doos and boos for skin.
    5. Using products that are too harsh for your skin. 

      This is a big one! Try using a vegan product in order to curate an effective skin care routine that does not deplete your skin of it's natural oils.

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