Face Rollers ! What's the Hype !!?

Face rollers have been all the rage lately ! From influencers and YouTubers displaying them EVERYWHERE, to Lolabelle's Beauty giving away dozens all across the world; everyone is wondering what the hype is about!

Well, we've got answers ! Keep reading to see all of the benefits that come with consistent use of a face roller! 

1. Good-Bye Toxins

Yep, your face roller is actually flushing toxins out of your skin. When you roll your face with the roller, you are increasing circulation. This increased circulation assists the body with carrying toxins away. Detoxed skin results in clearer skin. :)

2. Blood Flow 

Remember the talk about circulation? Well, circulation increases blood flow. When blood flow is increased in the skin, the overall texture, appearance, and tone of the face are improved. 

3. Anti-Aging

The roller itself doesn't assist with anti-aging. However, using the roller to roll product into your skin can assist your anti-aging products, which results in better results. When you use the roller to roll product into your skin, more of it is absorbed into your face. When using your hand, not all of the product is exclusive to the face.

4. Reduce Anxiety

Just like any other massage, a massage to the face can result in calming and anxiety relief. It's soothing and satisfying.

5. CONTOUR !!!

Using the roller improves circulation (as mentioned), which also results in fluid being drained from the face. This gives you a temporary contour. To achieve this look, roll up at an angle along the cheek area (where you would usually apply your contour) and then push downward alongside the ear.

So, there you have it. Your face roller has lots of benefits! Keep an eye out for our next giveaway, you just may get one for free!

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