Aloe & My Skin

Aloe is one of the herbal remedies mentioned often in regards to skin care. However, not many people actually understand it's full range of benefits. A number of people know it's good for the skin, but do not completely understand how. 

At Lolabelle's we want to ensure you not only enjoy your face washes and lotions, but also understand them. If you know and understand what works for your face, you have a better chance of staying away from items that aren't so great!

Keep reading to find out what makes aloe so amazing and why it is included in both our face wash and lotion!


You may have heard of aloe being used on sun burns. This is probably where it initially gained a lot of it's popularity. When aloe is placed on a wound, it increases the amount of collagen. As a matter of fact, it increases collagen cross-linking which in turn promotes the healing of skin. Studies have actually proven that aloe not only heals, but accelerates wound healing. So, for my pimple poppers out there- keep your products with aloe close-by and wash with them after getting your pop on.


Aloe is 96% water-whoa!

Can we talk about hydration!! There is nothing worse than washing your face with a product and afterwards your face feels dry and stripped of all it's moisture. Face washes should clean effectively without making you feel stripped and ashy afterwards! Products that contain aloe clean and hydrate at the same time. As a matter of fact, it locks moisture into the skin. Moisturized skin comes with a few benefits, 1 of which is smooth, soft skin.


Introduce aloe into your skin-care routine and watch the acne become cowardly! Aloe contains major antibacterial properties, which fight acne by unclogging the pores. The salicylic acid found in aloe is to thank for this! Oh yea, did I mention it serves as an exfoliant as well. Exfoliants are known for unclogging pores, preventing (not just curing) acne, and increasing cell turnover.


Because aloe causes a boost in collagen production and elastin fibers, it results in more elastic skin. Also, aloe contains zinc which reduces the appearance of pores. If reducing wrinkles is your thing, your skincare products should contain aloe. It is a must.


Now that you know the amazing and lasting benefits aloe has on the skin, we encourage you to check your current products! It is definitely a must to have for healthy skin.

Don't feel discouraged if your current products don't contain aloe. Both our Coconut Charcoal Face Wash and #NOFILTER Enzyme Lotion carry it as the number one ingredient. Check out the blog to see our full ingredient lists. 

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